SMART Safety Tips


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s also the time when people feel the most desperate and will go to greater lengths to steal your money and private information. So how do you protect yourself?  Be SMART!

  • Secure your valuables. Never leave belongings visible in your car. Take them in, lock them in your trunk or keep them with you.
  • Make sure you are aware of your surroundings in parking lots and shopping areas. If you see something or someone suspicious, move on. Don’t risk it.
  • Always know who is requesting information from you. Never give out personal information to someone who calls or e mails and asks for it. Remember that your bank and other such businesses will never ask for your social security number, account numbers and other such information over the phone. They should already have it so they don’t need to ask you for it.
  • Review your account statements. Look at the transactions on your checking account statements and your credit card bill and make sure they are all legitimate.
  • Take the initiative and report suspicious transactions to your bank or credit card company right away. The sooner you act, the less the criminal will get.

Listen to your intuition and be smart. A few simple, common sense behaviors will help you have a safer holiday season.

The streets are a little safer tonight.

On June 10, 2015 at 9:26 a.m., the Hendersonville Police Department received a report of a male in his twenties on Stadium Drive, who had exposed himself to a nine year old male victim and then attempted to reach for the child.

Responding officers were able to locate the suspect and investigation resulted in Giovanni A. Qointanilla, age 23, of Hendersonville being charged with one count of criminal attempt to commit Especially Aggravated Kidnapping and one count of Indecent Exposure. His General Sessions Court date is July 8, and he is being held under a $500,000 bond.

The H.P.D. would request that a photograph not be released to allow other law enforcement agencies time to compare cases.

Investigation continues in this matter and anyone with information on this crime or any other crime is encouraged to call the Hendersonville Police at 615-822-1111 or the Hendersonville Crime Stoppers at 615-573-5400.

Tips may also be submitted anonymously by text to the number 274637 (crimes) using keyword TIPHPD.

BEWARE of fraudulent checks by mail

If you receive an unsolicited check by mail requesting you to deposit into your account, do some research first.  There are some scams wherein you will be asked to purchase and ship specific items and in return you get to keep a portion of the money.  Other scams may just ask you to send a money order or prepaid cards while maintaining a portion of the original deposit.  The final result… lose!  After making the deposit, you’re running around meeting the requirments stated by spending a majority of the deposited funds only to find out later from the bank that the check was fraudulent.  That means you’ve been spending your own hard earned money that you may or may not have in the bank.  DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!  When something seems to good to be true…it usually is. Most of these scams can be revealed with a simple Internet search.  Look for more than the information the scammers direct you to.

Cumberland Drive Community Meeting


Cumberland Drive community will be conducting a Community Association Meeting on November 29, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Walton Ferry Elementary School Library.
This meeting will talk about what communities can do to support the police departments efforts to reduce crime in your neighborhood. The Hendersonville Police Department will share a strategy that is not new, but is very effective in reducing crime.
This meeting will also give the community the opportunity to let us know what we can do to better serve your community. The Chief of Police along with other city officials will be present to answer any questions you may have.