SOLVED – ARREST – Serial Burglar 02-13-13

On 02-13-13, the Hendersonville Police Department was able to resolve a string of residential burglaries that had taken place on the Walton Ferry peninsula since the beginning of January this year.  Police arrested James P. Jones, age 20, and Timothy J. Hartsinick, age 33 for their respective roles involving the burglaries and theft of property. 

James P. Jones has been charged with Aggravated Burglary (6 counts), Attempted Aggravated Burglary (1 count), Theft of Property over $1000 (5 counts), Theft of Property under $500 (1 count).

 Timothy J. Hartsinick has been charged with Possession of Stolen Property over $1000 (5 counts).

 Jones and Hartsinick are currently being held in Sumner County Jail with a pending court date of February 27, 2013.