BEWARE of fraudulent checks by mail

If you receive an unsolicited check by mail requesting you to deposit into your account, do some research first.  There are some scams wherein you will be asked to purchase and ship specific items and in return you get to keep a portion of the money.  Other scams may just ask you to send a money order or prepaid cards while maintaining a portion of the original deposit.  The final result… lose!  After making the deposit, you’re running around meeting the requirments stated by spending a majority of the deposited funds only to find out later from the bank that the check was fraudulent.  That means you’ve been spending your own hard earned money that you may or may not have in the bank.  DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!  When something seems to good to be true…it usually is. Most of these scams can be revealed with a simple Internet search.  Look for more than the information the scammers direct you to.