Fireworks Warning

The Hendersonville Police Department will aggressively enforce the city’s ban on fireworks during the July 4th holiday. Officers will be on patrol and will respond quickly to reports of ANY fireworks.

Grass and trees are especially dry this year and the Hendersonville Fire Department has been responding to grass fires and mulch fires over the last few weeks. Any firework can spark a fire and according to fire chief Jamie Steele, said “anything that receives extra heat is subject to burn.”

Please contact HPD if you see or hear fireworks in neighborhoods. Only the Freedom Festival in Drakes Creek Park Tuesday, July 3rd, can legally shoot fireworks.

Also, please be aware that the area surrounding Drakes Creek Park and the park’s entrances on Gallatin Road and Indian Lake Blvd will experience excessive traffic from cars and pedestrians before, during and after the festival which begins at 5pm Tuesday. The fireworks are scheduled to go off at 9pm.